The photovoltaic repercussion at Casa Vona

The photovoltaic repercussion at Casa Vona

Photovoltaic impact on Casa Vona

During the days we spend in confinement, it is when it is really valued to live in a Passivhaus Plus, like Casa Vona.

Thanks to its tightness, watertightness and automatic ventilation system with a temperature exchanger, we achieve maximum comfort with an average of 24º degrees, cold or hot, as well as an indoor environment free of carbon dioxide, excess CO2, mites, pollens and dust .

Electrical consumption at Casa Vona

And in terms of electrical consumption, as you can see, thanks to a photovoltaic system of battery generation we achieve savings of almost 100% on our bill.

Now is the time to ask yourself, what profitability do I get per square meter in my house? and what comfort per cubic meter?